I’ve had the privilege of working with some great folks (who have said some very kind things about our working together).

Jason Todd, VP of Product and Design at Directly

“Doon has been one of the best UX and creative leads I have worked with. Not only does he generate great ideas and can lead a team successfully his constant positive attitude motivates people across the org to be their best. No matter how impossible a timeline may be I could always trust Doon to deliver with high quality. He is an expert in knowing how to work in partnership with the product team to identify the important tradeoffs needed to hit deadlines. No design diva here. Losing him is a big loss to Samsung. He will be an invaluable asset to his next employer.”

Brynn Haynam, Sr. Director, Brand Marketing at Amplitude

“I had the privilege of working alongside Doon, and I wholeheartedly endorse him as an invaluable asset to any product org. Doon brings an exceptional blend of empathy and strategic vision, with the ability to foster successful cross functional partnerships. Doon also has an innate talent for quickly identifying gaps in the business and product. At Amplitude, he always came to the table with great solutions and pushed for innovation. Doon cares deeply about fostering an environment where all voices are heard, he’s an extremely supportive leader, and creates an environment for teams to thrive. Any company would be lucky to have him!”

Lisa Rothrauff, Director, Customer and Partner Education at Amplitude

“I had the pleasure of working with Doon during his time at Amplitude. Doon served as an advisor on a larger project that I led around improving our CX. We included Doon among our advisors because of his deep expertise in content strategy and UX design. Throughout the project, Doon openly provided his designer perspective, asking helpful and sometimes tough questions around end-to-end solutions, the continuity of experience, and the org structure that might best lend itself to our goals. I always found our group and 1:1 conversations helpful and walked away better for them.”

Robert Dietz, Co-Founder & CXO at Roev

“I’ve worked with many UX design leaders at Microsoft and Doon is among the most mature. He’s an even-keeled manager who demonstrates positive and collaborative leadership, even with difficult and ambiguous initiatives. He partners well with PM and engineering. He can bounce easily from strategy to process to delivering and guiding the outcomes. As a design leader he is articulate and clear about direction and purpose. I’ve have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t enjoy working with Doon.”

Danielle Mariao, EVP, Managing Partner at Razorfish

“Working with Doon has been one of my favorite professional partnerships. He brings a sophisticated balance of vision and pragmatism to his projects. Doon is a natural leader for corralling complicated, time-sensitive projects with multiple stakeholders. Its inspiring and rare to get to work with a true thought-leader in user experience innovation.”

Rob Frye, Design Director at Microsoft

“Simply put, Doon is the best design manager I have ever had. He is bold, fearless, creative, very smart and more than a little funny. He has a way of congealing teams, empowering individuals, and pushing people to do greater and greater things. He does this without micromanaging, but by becoming the center of gravity for a team. Doon is a great design leader, and I am proud to call him a mentor and friend.”

Merideth Tennant, Sr. Director of Design at Smartsheet

“In working with Doon, I found a truly supportive, creative, and collaborative leader. He empowers contributors and welcomes ideas from wherever or whomever they might come. He makes himself available to support and guide his orgs and absolutely gives his true and authentic self to his work, his colleagues, and his directs. I always felt extremely valued by Doon, and as though he wanted to learn from me just as I wanted to learn from him, as my leader. A skilled designer, himself, he challenges teams to evolve the quality of their work and knows what to look for when judging and growing that quality. Doon leads with openness, frankness, kindness, and the desire to help up-level everyone he works with.”

Putting any more testimonials here is embarrassing, so I’ll just point you to the rest of them on LinkedIn.