Role: Design lead, concept, ideation, creative direction
Dates: April 2014 – April 2016

Video promo made for the Chef Collection tablet application I led the design for

I joined the San Jose based Innovation Lab to help build a new Smart Home and Internet of Things (IoT) focused R&D studio in Seattle (2014). Our charter was to uncover a new and differentiated point of view on the subject matter which would leverage Samsung’s strengths in the consumer space: To go beyond simple remote control and deliver a richer, connected experience by better connecting to the people, places and things important to our customers.

I had begun looking at how content and content services could serve to unlock great product experiences for our customers. Around recipes, I developed a cooking-centric concept which leveraged the tablet to control the kitchen range. The result: our application was showcased at CES 2015 and became the backbone of a major sales promotion and product launch (see below).

Samsung Chef Collection Promotion
I worked with the industrial design vendor to define the accessory cutting board.
Chef Collection’s 15 seconds of fame on stage at CES 2015
Early whiteboard prototype I created to explore the grid-based UX
Chef Collection app ported to Samsung flagship refrigerators