Company: OrbSense Technologies LLC
Role: Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Dates: July 2015 – January 2017

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While working at Samsung on a project for the connected home, one of my colleagues told me about an idea he had for a wireless temperature sensor for use with a pot or pan. We riffed on this over some time and then decided to begin working on it as a side project. Several months and just as many prototypes later, we decided to make a go of things with a more refined idea and jumped into startup life.

Together with my co-founder, I developed a product for the connected kitchen called “cluck.” cluck is a patent-pending food-safe temperature sensor that works together with a smartphone to make it easier to monitor and prepare food more conveniently, consistently and safely.

With OrbSense, our company, I had the opportunity to do more than just design a product experience; I was able to craft a holistic, end-to-end experience for a new category of product. Beyond developing the brand, the product positioning and the UX/UI for the product, I also developed a framework for IoT product innovation focused around providing “micro-moments” of utility (ask me about it).


  • Design and develop a new connected device for the kitchen and connected home in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.
  • Lead all key aspects of the brand development and product definition
  • Develop product innovation framework for future product development


  • Led product vision, road map, positioning and definition, market research, identification of target demographic, social media marketing, website SEO
  • Developed branding and logos for company, product logo development
  • Designed and created all assets for UX and UI design for smartphone application
  • Prototype development for iOS and Alexa voice scenarios
  • Defined and ran field testing and user research
  • Content development for website and all social media platforms
  • Defined strategy and created all content for crowd-funding campaign
  • Patent application writing and filing.


View the full campaign page:
The main screens of the iOS cluck app
Selecting what you want to cook from the app…
Simple “How to” animation for social media.

Product Packaging I did as part of our licensing strategy

Early Voice UX Prototype for Amazon Alexa
The cluck campaign t-shirts.