I restore broken things.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved taking things apart. Screwdriver in hand, I would take anything and everything apart… just to peek inside. I have always had a curiosity to understand how the objects in my world work. My interests were particularly piqued if something were broken. I have always had a strong desire to restore things and bring them back into working order… as good as, or better than before.

Today, I’m still taking broken things apart: a frothless espresso machine, a broken lamp, a shattered iPhone screen, a faulty furnace. Sometimes, though, what I’m taking apart is more ethereal: a poorly performing mobile application, a petulant purchase flow, or some other daunting design objective. Though the tools are different, the curiosity to learn, the desire to understand, and the drive to solve/fix/restore are all the same.

Being a designer, thinker, and tinkerer allows me to apply my childhood passions to my work. It’s who I’ve always been. It is my why.

I’ve modeled my portfolio around Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle,” so if you’re unfamiliar with it, start there. It’ll be worth your time. Then come back to find out who I am as a designer, how I design, what I’ve designed, and how I lead.


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Smartsheet – Deconstructing a team and future-proofing it.

Fixing a leaky bucket during the Great Resignation.
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Product Strategy, Design Leadership & Team Building

Keywords: Head of Design, Vice President of Design, User Experience, UX, Product Design